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Layer-1 smart contract blockchain with a focus on decentralizing  media. (DeMe)

Branding Group Say Network


Decentralized social media app that rewards you for your energy.

Our goal is to provide a familiar social media
experience to platform users. Providing standard features such as publishing content, discovering content, and connecting with other users on the platform in addition to the main new feature of calculating and distributing native SAY tokens based on the calculated SAC values from the L1 smart contracts. 

Why Say Network?

We’re registered as a DAO LLC in Wyoming, United States.  Investors, users and creators will be able to stake $SAY tokens & gain DAO tokens back to make proposals and votes for the future of the project. 


The goal is to provide a decentralized system under the democratic supervision of a multi-body censorship-resistant governance protocol. This way the governance will have checks and balances to rid collusion and any one person from having too much influence within the protocol.

Native Web3 Apps

Non-native apps cannot compete with the native approach’s responsiveness and user experience. Native app development provides more control over the user experience and we believe it is best to stick with native design elements rather than sacrificing the design elements that are unique to each platform. Native apps are also more secure and performant.


The Say token will be the only supported currency unit for advertisement from within the entire Say Network ecosystem and with all future DApps built on top of Say Network L1. We will develop an extensive dashboard for a rich set of data and analytics for advertisers to have more confidence optimizing on marketing budget to achieve specific campaign goals.

Solana Fork

We’re aiming to fork Solana due to its advanced consensus algorithm, Proof of History (POH), 2a clock before consensus; which helps the network validate the time of transactions because the protocol doesn’t have any dependencies on local computer clocks between state transitions beyond the Verifiable Delay Function.

Social Activity Coefficient

The social activity coefficient, or SAC, will be implemented as a set of smart contracts deployed to the Say Network L1. These contracts are responsible for analyzing and tracking content interaction relative to users within our ecosystem. The SAC, over time, will have the ability to recognize quality content and provide the mechanics for users to identify that content.

No Cost Transactions

We’re forking Solana to be independent on our own layer-1 so we can control the gas fees and offer zero cost transaction to users of our network. We want it as easy as possible to perform daily transactions on our ecosystem of applications without always thinking about having to hold tokens for transactional fees. Web2 user-experience x Web3 technology.

uSAY Unique Features

Unlocking Features with NFTs

We want to give users to ability to give access to DMs, groups, private content and more to their followers through NFT holding and staking. 

Store Digital Assets

Secure your digital worth in our integrated crypto wallet.

Buy & Sell 
Send & Receive
Store Assets
Store Digital Identity

Digital Identity

Never loose your identify identification again. Passport, Driver Liscence, Birth certificate, Diploma and much more stored on our native crypto wallet.

Our Goal & Mission

“We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way that users and creators get paid. We provide a solution that gives control back to the people. Where remuneration is currently undervalued, our network enables justice for digital worth.”

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