About Us

“Technology has ended ownership but can now reinvent it. Against big tech dominance, regulators, creators and consumers are reasserting the benefits of owning things”

John Thornhill, ft.com

model usay
Owned by the community

Our vision & Mission

This community inspired team wish to share with the community our vision and mission for the relaunch of this project.

It is needless to say that the members of this team were former Unimoon Network investors who were passionate, committed and believed in the values and mission of the project. We were optimistic as you all were that with Karl’s brilliant technical ability and Dale’s passion and an engaged community the elusive Web 3 would undoubtedly become reality.

Unfortunately, Dale who was fully doxxed disappeared and fraudulently enriched himself with the hard earned funds of the community.

Nonetheless, the new team believes in the extraordinary technology and vision of decentralized social media. Most importantly, we believe in the power of collective responsibility because the community will determine the success of decentralized social media, and it is the most effective way we can compete with big social media companies.

We’re committed, dedicated with leadership skills and most importantly we have the community’s support.

In 5 years, we want Say Network to be a successful story. A story that will give people hope to achieve what they believe in. We want to show that the world is stronger together.

Multi-signature Contract

Taylor, Cédric and Gabe are the owners of the multi-sig and no one of them can individually transact from the vault. 2 out of 3 signatures is needed to move funds from the vault making it more secure. This multi-signature system is managed on Squad.so

Avoiding a single point of failure.

In case one of the board members turns malicious or accidentally loses her private key, the funds will still be safe as it needs two more members to approve the transaction.

Decentralization of power.

By leveraging the multi-sig contract, the responsibility of funds can be split among more than one person, thus decentralizing the power and responsibility.

Censorship resistance.

If one person has the ownership of all the funds, that person can be forced or coerced by a state authority to give up the funds. With a multi-sig contract, coercing a single person won’t result in a loss of funds.

Community Member

The team will without a doubt lead us to life changing results. Say Network will be a platform my children will use, and its native token will be their currency. Yes, its gonna take some time for full adoption but damn… When it happens it’s gonna spread like wildlife and us here now will be apart of life altering shift. Hard not to be overly excited about how this project is gonna play out.

Kansas D


Community Member

I was thinking, I have seen many great project ideas just fail with the reason of giving up. But this team has risen from the ashes and I know that we will burn the whole blockchain with our fire 🔥🔥 ✊✊✊✊✊ top 10 in the next bull run, remember this message.