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We’re forking Solana to be independent on our own layer-1 so we can control the gas fees and offer zero cost transaction to users of our network. Also due to its advanced consensus algorithm, Proof of History (POH), 2a clock before consensus; which helps the network validate the time of transactions because the protocol doesn’t have any dependencies on local computer clocks between state transitions beyond
the Verifiable Delay Function.

Say Network is registered as a DAO LLC in Wyoming, United States. Say Network is driven by a decentralized autonomous organization and no central entity owns it. Taylor, Cédric and Gabe from the core team are currently the only 3 members in the DAO and it will grow over time as people stake $SAY tokens in exchange for DAO tokens.

Say token will be the only supported currency unit for advertisement from within the entire Say Network ecosystem and with all future DApps built on top of Say Network L1. The first social media application, uSAY, will support advertisements along with having an extensive dashboard for a rich set of data and analytics for advertisers to have more confidence optimizing on marketing budget to achieve specific campaign goals. Such targeting will be based on data acquired from the social media application but not limited to interests, age, geolocation, and user behavior. This creates a natural equilibrium between the demand of the SAY token and the rewards distributed to engaged users of uSAY.

There is no official date yet for the first round of funding. The 6 rounds of funding will be;
1. Initial Sale 1
2. Initial Sale 2
3. Seed Sale
4. Private Sale 
5. Presale
6. IDO

The uKIDS collection is the first initiative of the Say Network project to give power to the community. As the Say Network project grows in users across their various web3 applications, the uKIDS collection will grow in demand. Buy and hold uKIDS to be pioneers of a decentralized social media revolution. Purchase 5 or more before the initial sale of our $SAY token and you will be refunded upon our $SAY token launch date in a dollar value return.

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