A unique utility collection for the Say Network ecosystem.



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Collection Description

The uKIDS collection is an initiative of the Say Network project to give power to the community. As the Say Network project grows in users across their various web3 applications, the uKIDS collection will grow in demand. Buy and hold uKIDS to be pioneers of a decentralized social media revolution. 

Limited Offer

Purchase 5 or more before the initial sale of our $SAY token and you will be refunded upon our $SAY token launch date in a dollar value return.

Disclaimer: If not enough funds are raised in our $SAY token sale rounds, the launch could be cancelled and your uKIDS won’t be refundable

uKIDS Utilities

Ecosystem Utilities
  1. Whitelist spot for the $SAY token
  2. First access to product testing
  3. Access to a private holder chat
  4. Access to a gaming channel with prizes
  5. More to come!
App Utilities
  1. Founder status with unique profile badge
  2. Eliminating ads
  3. Unlocking different color backgrounds
  4. Unlocking premium stickers
  5. Animated profile picture
  6. More to come!
DAO Utilities

Coming Soon!